16. Final Thoughts

If you done studying from all the materials here are some general tips outline from all the modules on how to be an effective TESOL teacher.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff
  2. Learn to be a good actor
  3. Form supportive relationships with colleagues
  4. Display student work and decorate
  5. Find out what students already know
  6. Establish rules and procedures on DAY 1
  7. Have a plan provide a agenda
  8. Be prepared to make changes to or scrap lesson plan
  9. Focus on verb vocab
  10. Get to know your Grammar
  11. Get to know your students culture
  12. Don’t assume the class textbook will work
  13. Go from controlled (Whole Class) to less controlled (Pairs/Groups) activities
  14. Don’t neglect to teach listening
  15. Turn regular activities into games or competition
  16. Motivate students with daily variety
  18. Focus on communication on students needs
  19. Repeat review reflect (3 Rs)
  20. Engage Study Activate
  21. Know thy students. Personalize content
  22. Make some of your own classroom materials
  23. Use humor use song get along
  24. Circulate around the class and don’t have class ‘Pets’
  25. Show interest in their native language
  26. Speak normally and avoid ‘Teacher Talk’
  27. Don’t talk too much and let them speak
  28. Teach for differing learning styles
  29. Be enthusiastic be a coach
  30. Do not over correct
  31. Point students to learning resources outside the classroom
  32. Make a community using: website, newspaper, social network, blog, wiki, podcast, radio show, clubs
  33. Keep in ‘Teaching Shape’ by ongoing professional development, conferences/courses and teacher groups
  34. Have a life outside the classroom
  35. Be reflective
  36. Test course content and not intelligence
  37. ‘KISS’ Keep it simple, stupid