Basic TESOL Course

This basic TESOL course will teach you the basics of earning your own TESOL certificate taught from us from what we have learned and experienced here at

As teachers ourselves, we have developed a course that will supplement your own learning to achieve your TESOL certificate goals.

There are 16 parts/modules that we have developed to be concise and easy to understand and learn. We try our best to help simplify the learning process.

  1. Contextualizing Language
  2. Building Language Awareness
  3. Integrating Skills
  4. Pair and Group Work
  5. Learner Feedback
  6. Classroom Management
  7. Learning Strategies
  8. Authentic Materials
  9. Critical Thinking Skills
  10. Alternative Assessment
  11. Individual Learner Differences
  12. Younger Learners
  13. Practicum / Peer Review
  14. Teacher: Reflective Teaching
  15. Using Educational Technology
  16. Final Thoughts

We hope you will find our course useful in and aid you in other ways in your teaching English career. We will constantly update this course to reflect changing times as we hope to become an excellent source for teachers teaching English worldwide.