Monthly Archive: January 2019


Why ONLINE teaching?

I have been in the classroom for many years. I have tried the online classroom in university and college. I am a believer in both. I find it depends on the individual and their...


Why Learn a different language?

“The world would be a boring and bland place if everyone was the same.” Differences in language and culture makes the world interesting. A friend once told me that. This rings more true as...


Why Teach?

Why teach you say? For me in the beginning, it was for work. I did not think I could find work in the country I was born in which is Canada. I had previously...

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Private Schools

When I taught in Vietnam, I taught at a private school. I tried to apply to as many schools as possible in the city I was living in. Eventually, it was down to two schools....


Types of Classes

There were four types of classes I experienced teaching in the classroom. They are based on age groups in Vietnam. Youngsters from 3-6 years old Primary from 6-11 years old Secondary High school 11-15...


My Classroom Teaching Stint

Back in 2016, I taught English to Vietnamese students ranging in age from 3 to 21 years. It was a challenging and fun experience trying to keep everyone engaged. This is how I spent...


Learn English

At TeachEnglishWorld, we have created a collection of free English learning resources. We have the section Learn English. This collection will continually grow. Audio, Materials and YouTube videos will be posted.