I learned nothing but problems with ‘other’ people.

I know my place in this Canada.


Why do I yearn for more while I am in the medical field? I find I am exhausted in this field and on top being nicer than I am?

I am being a support support: nurse and tutor. I am looking out for my fellow nurse students and society. Quite a big Big Mac.

I learned that I am not being manly. I am not being innovative and creative. I am learning and absorbing medical knowledge while being so open and accepting is so draining.

But I have to feel industrial and not just servicing.

Because of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, I plan to make time to look at computer programming again. I need to build my logical mind. It adds bonus points to my arsenal and speech.

Or should I just do nothing with my group of older friends I made already? I always want to differentiate myself. Is that a human need?

I should be just chill I think. I have good friends.

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