After working for more than a month tutoring fellow nursing students while going to school, I learned some good habits.

I am busy. Busy with people. I have to prove myself. I am building myself to be a knowledgeable and helpful person in my area of work.

I am building my character which is a solid form of my true self.

Putting my personality out there for real people to see.

Only Canadianized people actually get me. That is OK.

It is so odd and gratifying to use all your social skills. This maintains your health.

I am glad to do nursing because I target everything in life I need to work on and grow.

I am comfortable with my limits. I can talk to teachers and higher ups about my issues or talk plainly.

Life is getting there as long as I maintain my social networks. I need to be more like the Graduate Tutors in school so I feel grounded.

I will continue to study and do what I can. Importantly, keep busy. Striving for education that is social is engrossing.

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