mybrainAs I continue to venture into 2nd semester nursing, I am noticing some positives and negative experiences.

Let’s talk about positive first.

I am tutoring so I feel new sense of odd. I am in some kind of authority/power to teach but also help my fellow nursing student. I find I can only connect with immigrants and older students. I feel the tiredness of being older going through school again that older mature people feel.

A positive warm light has opened slightly. I am using my head most of the time. I am focused on working 90% of the time. I don’t think about food, fun, chilling. It has made me a bit more productive.

I changed my outlook to be a thinker. I don’t think negative or have time to think negative.

As I am busier now, I can figure out what I need in my life and who to flock to for companionship and help. It is so easy now.

The negative is simple.

I am drinking some coffee again which is making me groggy.

And the reality is that females do not want a nurse (tutor) that is male. I have seen this actually through conversation while tutoring. Nothing new here!

I will finish nursing school just to earn my diploma and most importantly to me tutoring credentials used to further pursuits.

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