Nurses (Part 4)


I always forgot what to expect from this field of work. Just be nice and helpful? I have this problem where I am overly helpful and concerned.

I need to immerse myself with people who are just chill and relaxed.

I think this stems from my overly sensitive family. I should hang out more with ‘nurses’ to get their vibe that everything is going to be alright.

I meet people sometimes and get this feeling that I have to be special and over the top knowledgeable and inventive. Do I? Should I?

When I was studying at university everyone wanted to learn and discover. People wanted Masters and Doctorates. Do I lack that imagination and creativity? Should I be?

When venturing out in the real world, I feel I lack something as a nurse. I possess knowledge but I can not ‘use it’ to build upon existing discoveries. Am I getting to old? I feel I have no conversation piece. I know I am not a nurse yet but I find it hard to talk about anything now.

In Western society there is lots of resources. The resources should be enough to nurture and grow and ‘develop’.

I might feel that I am lacking something in myself so that I can not develop and discover maybe yet.

I am just doing a job right now, learning and tutoring soon. Maybe deep down inside I want to keep learning but I am finding it difficult this nurse lifestyle of just preventative medicine and teaching. I want a career that is stable now maybe? Could I go back to university?

I feel the days are monotone just learning material everyone need to learn to become a nurse. Is something wrong with the way I think?

I think I need to get out more and chill with people in my program so I think on the same thread.

And also I am not impressing anyone doing this line of work :(


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