My Personality


Does personality change when you get older? Or does it need life changing events to change?

I can not be anyone else but me. But I feel it is slightly dependent on the culture surroundings you are in.

I was a free spirit last semester in college. I just did my school work and chilled out. Now I am a tutor at my college and feel stressed out.

Well no actual tutoring yet but I feel like as I have to act professionally and be very responsible all the time now. That is stressful. AND also be a know-it-all.

Let see how others cope with the stress of school, work as a tutor while being yourself???

But I am puzzled now…

Most of my life I was alone and happy to be alone here in Canada. I mean I don’t think people should be affected by others and do things for themselves. This way of living is content as no one is pressuring you and you live independently as possible. But that is in ‘Canadian’ suburban areas where you are ignored normally.

In urban multicultural areas things are a bit different. You are included in society and you get noticed.

So how involved should I be? Or should I be?

I feel I need to act and behave like the way I look while in this urban setting with multiple different types of peoples. ‘My people’ who are similar to me and in my profession.


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