Western Education


What is knowledge? Knowing stuff? Applying yourself? Being Tested?

I grew up “not caring much” … I mean I care but don’t overly care. I am able bodied where I don’t need to worry about daily needs for surviving. My basic needs are met while growing up. I don’t struggle.

My upbringing in western Canadian culture and my Vietnamese roots gave me my personality. I am positive inside but outside I act kind of negative with disparage and am sarcastic and use dark comedy. I see no point of goals or reason. I just think life is full of things you can do.

Thinking this way has given me success in school. I hang out with people at school you have similar personalities this semester. Just joking around. Breathing information as it comes comfortably and calmly as possible. Just taking it easy.

My marks came in and they are good. I found my technique of acting like I was when I was in Grade 8 suited me… I never grew up… personalities don’t change.

Being in a diverse cultural environment also helped.

More later …

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