Society and I


I finished midterms in nursing. I did well. Sometimes better than I expected.

I had my doubts. During my last midterm, I was seriously thinking of dropping out because …

Are people what makes me ME? Am I suppose to be involved with people everyday or only suppose to enjoy myself? Are people going to be nice to me in this career?  Or are they won’t give a shit and try to waste time like in working retail???

I grew up in a town and I was isolated. I lived for myself most of the time not talking to anyone. Now I live almost completely different because I am in nursing.

As I further venture into schooling as a nurse I met a lot of good friends. Most of them are older who I regularly talk to on a daily basis.

I find that I can be myself as I grew up in Canada. I don’t have to reason or prove myself to anyone … for those that are Canadian raised only though.

I struggled with my cultural identity when I was growing up trying to please my Vietnamese side but I figured acting or behaving that way was wrong for me.

I just hang out with Canadian born or raised students. They understand me, but I find living here in Canada problematic for …

Hopefully I will find a Canadian raised woman to hang out too! :D

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