More Involved


I am doing extra volunteering in my community looking at people in places. In this case, seniors in a seniors centre in a recreation centre in a more newer location. I signed up to work in the kitchen during lunch.

Because I worked in kitchens before, I was reluctant to do this. But I tried it anyways.

My first day was just cleaning mostly and becoming comfortable with the work.

Because it was a Friday, I talked to my boss coworker quite a bit learning about her. She is nice and funny.

After my 3 hour shift, I realized that in the case of senior centres, the clients are able bodied people and do not need much help in what they want. Very independent people.

And of course, that is what I kind of felt would happen in this scenario.

I felt needed in the hospital and not so much here. I like being needed for more than a sandwich and dealing with the exchange of money.



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