Nurses (Part 3)

HOSPITALNURSEpart3After my 4th time volunteering at the hospital I feel like …. okayyyyyyyyy. Work is just work right? What is the difference from a sales person to a nurse?

In this case for nurses, it is about always staying healthy and fit in order to provide help on your job. Whenn I was working other jobs, I was not in the best of anything.

I still feel under. It feels like I am always sick and I eat healthy to grab the nutrients to combat and feel well. I don’t eve like coffee no more. I just like fresh fruits and water. Nothing cooked too. No sugar.

Is that why most nurses are ‘bigger’? Always eating healthy things to combat illness or does that depend on the individual? Eat healthy to stay and feel healthy?

I am trying to figure this out. I ultimately want a career. A promising career would be in healthcare so you can help people directly and notice the improvement. It is a long term goal that will constantly engage me to meet people from a helpful encounters with people/patients.

Being a teacher does not feel like a full circle career. Study for 2 years and teach one, two or three high school subjects. Teaching seems too independent. Or do I want to be alone? I felt alone doing computers and learning about biology and chemistry in school and it did not feel right, not connected to anyone or anything.

I figure I spent so much time already helping others that I have no time for myself to me selfish… is that way in healthcare the norm? I feel like an open book and spent but well connected though.

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