Nurses (Part 2)

I volunteered my 3rd shift today at the hospital. I told my volunteer partner that I was not feeling well. I was under the weather for the past 2 weeks.

I was thinking that my volunteering caused my ill health over the past 2 weeks. I figured out I was right. I spent the first 2 hours at the front desk. The air was clear, temperature was cool and the work was lighter. After the two hours, I went back in helping chemotherapy patients and I started feeling sick again. My throat closed up with mucus and now starting to hurt again. Water droplets in the air caused my cold according to the doctor.

I learned that to be in healthcare, you need to be healthier. My immune system has not caught up and become strong against the viruses and such found in the hospital. I feel down in the bodily health sense.

After my third week at the hospital, I felt I was able to connect with people in the health field. I believe people in healthcare are in the mission to provide the best care for sick people and themselves. There is a caring nature in the role. Everyone helps one another because each of us in the hospital is seeking help.

No longer am I competing like I was when I was in university/college or my other jobs. I felt at ease. I was among people who cared for my wellbeing. And in return, I cared back. There is a constant need to keep caring.

I feel alright in the hospital environment. Healthcare people I feel are like the most ‘complete‘ people. They go down life taking care of people in all aspects of life. It enables them to also help themselves. Working together to help prevent problems and conditions that are ‘bad’ for you.

In the healthcare environment, my experience so far has caused me to be serious and not so serious. I don’t find anything really funny or look to media and news outlets for fun entertainment. I finding myself to constantly maintain good health to live as long as I can.

Also now, after my short time volunteering, I can’t believe how much I did not know about life, how involved I can be with society. Also, how important it is to work with healthcare people as it changes your life be be more aware of yourself and surroundings. I used to only care about myself and my close family. Now I feel I live among other healthcare people. I feel that I am taking a position as a healthcare provider for society.

Also, I feel drained. Not drained like working long hours or arguing with somebody. But felt a lot of compassion and empathy was given out to a point that I am just focused on reality in the realist form, life and death. No ups or downs, just life itself.

Also, nurses or healthcare looks to have their own circle or place in society different from the rest. So much focus on health and nature in the most purist form

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