Hospital Nurses

After volunteering at the local city hospital in the Cancer Centre, it changed how I live and look out on life in only just 2 weeks; 2 days of volunteering which is once a week.

A nurse job is not just a job or a career, it is a total lifestyle. It is also not about the money and prestige of having a professional career.

Nurses in the medical field are nice, beautiful full of humanity and life. They are more than just those characteristics.

Previously, I thought a nurse was no different from other people in different professions. Work is work.

When I meet a nurse there is a common thread to help others and not to compete and fuss. Nurses are determined to help people in the most efficient and beneficial way. Not wasting time or wasting people’s time. The goal is health.

I have been constantly been trying to get my health back in check and monitor my intakes and exercises. I am always trying to improve my health and fitness so I can continue volunteering also because I got a cold from working with the patients. I was ill for over a week. I realized I must be the fittest I can be by working (volunteering) myself there.

This job is serious and there is no joking around. No time to assert yourself to stick out. Just work together in a pack to get things done in the most efficient and beneficial way for everybody.

Man … what have I got myself into? It is a total commitment. I understand why people volunteer at hospitals now and why they place their volunteer position first over other activities and work. It makes you setup your life to be a caring person who is dependable and passionate about well-being of others and yourself. You prioritize your time and energy to be ready and there for people in need 24/7 when they are sick in a hospital. You can not bugger around.

Medicine career takes over your life.

Am I too early to think this way about this profession??? Going this direction makes me feel I have no time for myself. But makes me feel wanted, included and cared for in the medical field. Not only am I looking out for myself, I am looking out for other people.

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