Working Hard?

The experience that I kind of regret in life is not exploring different kinds of jobs outside my comfort zone. In other words, working hard at everything …

When I was young all I wanted to do was open a computer store at the age of 14. I did not have many friends who was interested in computers as I was. I was keen on making money for myself and toyed with electronics all by myself in my spare time. Computers made me isolated from the social world I found out …

I thought I was very interested and had a knack in computers but then I realized some people have more of a natural interest in computers than I was after working in the industry. Before, I personally thought I was savvy in everything computers. I spent most of my years toying with computers. But my experience working at a big chain electronics and computer retailer proved me wrong. I was not really interested in computers and electronics as I thought I was.

I found out I enjoyed helping others but was not knowledgeable enough. It felt like a uphill climb to learn other electronics products than just PC desktops and laptops. I was not thorough enough in the interests I had. I thought if I worked harder at learning everything at the computer and electronics retail store I would become like everybody else at the store or like the manager.

Thinking like this stressed me out and isolated me further. I was not thinking about me time in exploring the work landscape beyond technology and not aware it was affecting my health. I spent too many hours thinking how to maintain a job in computer sales and repair plus everything electronic. It was so stressful.

What changed me was doing something else, volunteering and working other types of jobs.

I started to volunteer at a hospital, seniors center and work at a fast food restaurant. These are the things I never thought of doing before.

Volunteering my time helping other changed my way of thinking of just about myself. I could not think competitive no more while volunteering as I was part of a team. I was offering my time and energy to make a difference in peoples lives. I was placed in the cancer center where people are battling for their lives.

I learned as an able bodied person, I should help those in need. It is about dedication to healthy wholesome life alongside countless other healthcare professionals and volunteers.

I don’t buy useless things no more and save money and no longer eat ‘garbage’ all the time. Volunteering has helped me care for myself that I lost weight and have maintained a healthy lifestyle. I am using my mind and body to help others.

Working in a fast food restaurant has taught me that life can be laid back if you wish. Not everyone want to be Bill Gates or Donald Trump. Some people just like to do basic things and go home happy that they made some money to care for themselves. You don’t have to be perfect or expect yourself to be. There is no targets and no competition. Everyone shares responsibilities to store, prep, cook, serve and clean up. No one is better than anyone else or trying to be. Everyone is expected to help out.

I never knew this. I have always did jobs that pushed me too much. I am glad to have volunteered and worked this year. I have more friends, but different friends who are more or less like me. People who are laid-back and want to help and share.

I am starting to volunteer at a seniors center soon. I am registered as a volunteer. I hope being with calm, wise, collected older people will enable me to learn networking skills and other skills that I don’t have or know about.

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