Becoming a Teacher

I, David, have been working in sales for a time. I realized I like talking to people and to help teach. I am not competitive and do not want to push people to buy things they might not need.

I am very social now and just like chilling with people.

I applied to teachers’ college this year and got into Nipissing University here in Ontario, Canada. I hopefully will earn another degree, Bachelor of Education in two years. I got waitlisted at University of Ottawa. I also applied to Lakehead but did not want to travel all the way to Thunder Bay.

I will learn to teach Biology and Chemistry highschool (secondary school), grades 9-12.

Wish me luck!

If I do get my B. Ed. I can become a teacher teaching more than just English.

I wished I learned French all the way through high school and university and also physics as those subjects are in needed in Canadian high schools. Oh well! Live and learn!

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