Why Learn a different language?

“The world would be a boring and bland place if everyone was the same.” Differences in language and culture makes the world interesting.

A friend once told me that. This rings more true as we get older. I am seeing this now.

When I was younger, I thought Western language English and culture was all I wanted to live and know. But I see now that we can live and learn in other languages too.

As a teacher in Vietnam, I saw students who yearned to learn and live in Western countries for a better life. This made me think. I thought what is a better life? I felt content just teaching English in Vietnam in 2016. But theses students of mine wanted to go above and beyond. Learning English would allow them the opportunity to work in Western English-speaking companies home and afar. For me, I was making a descent amount of money to live on teaching English and there will always be a demand to learn English in Vietnam because the official language is not English.

I could see myself living in Vietnam with its unique language and culture. I felt comfortable when I was there. You can raise a family in another part of the world. My sister does enjoy living and teaching in Vietnam. It is a second home. More close because our background is Vietnamese.

With the world changing rapidly in industry and education to Western, we see original unique cultures fading away. Do we see everyone the same now?

I have lived most of my life in Canada, Ontario. I see for most Canadian-born people see everyone mostly the same. I think I am well adjusted.

The drive for money and assets is what drives everyone. That is why I see people learning English mostly. Everything is done in English.

But why learn other languages besides English? … Fun and it opens a new world-view.

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