Why Teach?

Why teach you say?

For me in the beginning, it was for work. I did not think I could find work in the country I was born in which is Canada. I had previously worked low paying jobs that did not require much thinking. I did not pursue the right education degree I thought in university. I did not want to start over back then.

Teaching taught me how to live and work with people better and help. In my old jobs back then, I worked for myself and felt I was living for myself only.

Teaching taught me how to behave in front of people longer than usual. Longer than 2-3 minutes like working in sales/retail. It also taught me how to treat everyone better whoever they are equally with respect and care at all times. To be considerate to everyone’s needs.

We are dealing with students who come from a different culture and also may look different. In my case, it was the first time I tried to work with Vietnamese students and teachers who were not family. I am Vietnamese born in Canada.

In Vietnam, I was treated like everybody else most of the time by teachers, a person working to support himself as I best he can. Students saw me as a educator willing to entertain them. Older students were very curious about me.

They were curious why I came to Vietnam to teach. I answered back that I liked to teach English because it was fun and I enjoyed it. That is all I could say but in reality I kind of dreaded doing it after a while. I think because it was difficult for me at first because back then in 2016 I was inexperienced in socializing and understanding people.

My lack of experience in life made things difficult. In Canada, I felt more isolated thus I did not seek to socialize much. Vietnam is a very social society. Also being Vietnamese by origin made me feel at home. I looked like everybody else except taller and felt less distant to everybody. I was pretty comfortable.

After my teaching stint, I came back to Canada. I felt back then I did not explore all my options here in Canada. One question from a Vietnamese woman in Vietnam made me rethink my choices in life. She said, “Why don’t you teach (back home) in Canada?”.

I thought I should go back to work in Canada to understand life in general and the world better.

I worked and eventually came back to school to do something that absorbed all my attention and focus. I went to college to study computers. I enjoyed computers so much when I was little and it always made me happy. It was a not a social or worldly subject in my opinion but made me worry less about what was going on in my life. It was a pursuit. Pursuit to do something other than worry about all things that I consider unnecessary. Unnecessary things like worry about not having enough money and getting old.

I found something I like to do again. I do graphic design professionally creating logos, advertisements and like fixing computers. These are things I do naturally without trying. Also some web design. But that requires more work.

I studied computer programming in college to help myself problem solve and develop mathematics skills. I am not done my diploma yet though.

Now just recently because of my work and life experiences, I understand myself and people now. I am finally comfortable with everyone. I can talk with anyone without having any anxiety.

I return to teach English online (Video and Web) because it is something I know I can be good at and make money doing well. This is on top of my current pursuit.

I am trying to get into grad school and working teaching English will be beneficial for me and my audience to learn to grow.

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