Private Schools

When I taught in Vietnam, I taught at a private school. I tried to apply to as many schools as possible in the city I was living in. Eventually, it was down to two schools. I chose the one closest to where I lived.

The Vietnamese teachers were nice to me. They tried to aid me as much as they could to help me teach alongside them. I enjoyed the teamwork. These Vietnamese teachers go far and beyond to do their best for their students. I have never met a teacher so far that did not.

There is a push to teach the students so they all can go overseas to study. I felt driven harder because of this. I went to University of Toronto in Canada and I know how difficult post-secondary is. As an older man now, in my 30s, communicating in English is easier for me. There is nothing I can not understand. I still help my father learn English and he has been learning for almost 40 years.

Most kids in private schools are determined to succeed. They idolize Western culture and society as youngsters. There are only a few students in every class who don’t care. These kids are usually spoiled or happy with themselves staying in Vietnam.

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