Types of Classes

There were four types of classes I experienced teaching in the classroom.

They are based on age groups in Vietnam.

  1. Youngsters from 3-6 years old
  2. Primary from 6-11 years old
  3. Secondary High school 11-15 years old
  4. High school 15+ years old

In my Youngster classes, I had to teach basic words (nouns) and colors from a picture book. I would practice having each child say the word spoken individually and use some fun material to associate it with. Sometimes the actual objects. I would give balloons and candy to motivate them. Balloons and candy are actually distractions so give them at the end of the class. Everyone is a winner!

In my Primary classes, I had to teach a more complex picture book with lots of nouns and positional language. Also I had to try to create basic sentences from picture books. I would play games a lot and give out candy. This would be my most fun class. I like creating games. I would color or print out color materials and cut out parts for games. It feels like you are a kid again doing this.

In my Secondary High school classes, lessons include contrast and comparative language. This age group is when kids are the most rowdy in my opinion. Each kid now is starting to develop their own personalities. Try to make classes challenging and fun. Energy filled classes. Working with young kids in this age group and lower makes you feel younger again by participating.

In my High school classes, lessons include reading from a passage and asking questions about it. Also, there would be personal tailored activities related to the lesson/passage. Students in this age group are now determining what they will do in the future, go to university/college or work. Some students would study English for fun, to amass knowledge to travel overseas or talk to foreigners. Clear direction and concrete knowledge is needed to teach the students how to use the English language for work and study abroad.

There is plenty of material to source from the web that you can adjust for your classroom. Quick Google searches will provide plenty free material.

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