My Classroom Teaching Stint

Back in 2016, I taught English to Vietnamese students ranging in age from 3 to 21 years.

It was a challenging and fun experience trying to keep everyone engaged.

This is how I spent my day.

  1. Wake up at 7am
  2. Shower and Eat something light like rice porridge/congee (cháo)
  3. Go skim over the days lesson for 4 classes (30mins per class)
  4. Go for a bike ride in the city from 8am-10am with break for a salted, pickled lime ice-cold drink (chanh muối).
  5. Shower again
  6. Noon eat rice with grilled pork (cơm sườn nướng)
  7. 12:30pm make lessons for all 4 classes
  8. Around 4:30pm, go to the local copy and print shop to print out color materials for classes if needed. Colour helps and costly.
  9. 5pm bike to my aunts house to park bike and walk to school to start teaching
  10. 7pm get next day’s lesson plan
  11. Walk to my aunt and cousin house to exercise by walking with family around the park
  12. 8pm bike home

That was my day. Back in 2016, I loved to bike around the city. It kept me fit. I would alternate eating vegetarian dishes to help lose weight also as I was kind of heavy set.

I enjoyed classes where the students were older, 10 years and up. The questions they would ask me would be personal and I tried my best to answer them LOL. When everyone finally lined up and understood each other, everything was smooth sailing.

For younger students, we always tried to make a game, give out toys and candy. I had help from the other teachers for this. I would browse the web looking for fun lessons to teach younger students especially.

I was a good teacher as they wanted me to stay and teach. It was tiring work trying to keep alert and active teaching. My sister taught a lot more than me and managed to do so for morning, afternoon and evening classes at the best school in the city. I learned from her. She has a lot more work experience than me. We would sometimes help one another on materials and teaching techniques.

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