What I can share with everyone!

During my time teaching with students, I learned that having work experience is definitely needed to help teach to your students. If you just graduated from university without job experience, it will be hard to teach. Not impossible but difficult. Having a life experiences to share with the students is useful. So do volunteer and do extra curricular activities.

In my case, David, I worked and volunteered several jobs and places before. Those experiences helped me communicate with young learners. Specifically volunteering at a child day care helped me understand children better in a classroom or group setting. Remember it is important to keep your students engaged. The more you work in the public setting the more opportunity you can learn communication skills.

Life can be different in terms of work and lifestyle depending on your current job. I can either be working in a computer store or teaching English in person or online.

We need to grow in order to make life interesting and share.

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