What do women want from ‘me’?

The Western world there is racism to the highest degree. Does working in a public servant role help? I feel it doesn’t. Because you are physically present in front of people you are treated based on your race all day long. Put in your place. Is there any wiggle room. I don’t think so. If there is, I have not found it.

Simply, I think it is easy as asking a girl out and ask if she would be your wife and make kids that look ‘Yellow Asian’  in my case. There is nothing too it than that.

So go ahead and make fun of myself being Asian in this country. Just show it, accept it and tell people how it is.

There are women in this western country who accept being “Asian” and marry another Asian fellow. But the Asian girls who marry out, what do they really want? For themselves and their children??? Fight for more privilege???

Then there are girls who after a while find they get treated “Asian” at the end, after many men … Me no want!

Where is the humanity?

I look so Asian and thus act Asian. I accept to be Asian in this world.

In the healthcare setting, I am treated and have to act a certain way… which is Asian. What else? People just treat me how I look regardless how I act. That is natural.

I found that the more I do other subjects other than social jobs I don’t have to deal with this problem. Also I feel more saner because I am in the world of maths.


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